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    Hi All:

    BSA Troop 1254 is coming west to the Grand Canyon. We have our back country permits, our maps, our gear and we are all set for the week of 4/7. My group is scheduled as follows: Mather-->Hermit Creek-->Granite Rapids-->Cedar Creek-->Indian Gardens-->Mather. Great Hike! Does anyone have any info re H2O availability at Cedar Creek and enroute to Indian Gardens from Cedar Creek (9 plus miles).

    Unfortunately, I have torn my right posterior tibial tendon and my right foot is immobilized for the next 4 weeks in a boot (think removable cast). Obviously, I will NOT be doing my scheduled hike or any hiking into the canyon. I plan to explore some of the rim trails instead. I will be at Mather 4/7 and 4/8. I am free to explore other areas from 4/9-4/11 when I need to return to Mather to rendezvous with some of our hiking groups.

    One of our council members says that there are some nice EASIER hikes in the national forests near Sedona. I am looking to hike and camp in one of the national forests. I would like hikes that are relatively level (can do distance, cannot do a lot of up and downhill or rough terrain). I would also like to camp near water (creeks, lakes, etc). I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have for hikes like this or something else neat to do. I will do "TOURISTY" stuff, but I prefer to be outdoors as much as possible and to avoid crowds.

    I CANNOT carry as BSA rules forbid it. I do not necessarily follow this rule on "local" hikes, but it is different since I would have to check my pistol with the airline and there is the national park problem. I am concerned about mountain lions in the national forests. Any info?