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Recomendation's for HOT weather gear?

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Hi, I'm new to the motorcycle world and I would like some recomendation's on jackets, and pants for hot weather ridding?

I live in Clearwater FL, and it stays hot hear at least 80-90% of the year. The jacket and pants I have now are a multi use with removable liners you can insert for the cool weather, and they are also rainware. They have lots of zipper's to open up to let air flow through, but they are just too dam hot while at slower speeds or sitting/baking at a redlight.
Apparently I picked the right boots because my feet are the only part of me that is still dry when Im done ridding.

And since this is my first post here, here is a pic of my bike. (First Bike)
2009 Kawasaki ER-6n.

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I am in SoCal and it gets pretty baking out here too. I bought ballistic nylon jackets thinking they would be cooler but I find that ventilated leather works better than the nylon and lets way more air through. As for the sitting part, you can't help it.

I bought a Joe Rocket Sahara vest a while ago. It has those little NASA crystals that hold water and when you move, the water evaporates slowly and gives you the chilling effect. I used it for a few summers and during a few trackdays. It works well, but the tough part is you have to soak it for a few hours to get the water to set into the whole vest. When you're on the move in this desert heat, it can dry out pretty fast and then it becomes a heat insulator. Not fun.

You can always buy the Alpinestars armor suit that is just a mesh bodysuit with armor in the critical areas. I have seen people wear that and nothing else and at least they are armored and it is mesh (almost fishnet) so the air is moving.

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Thanks. :wavey:
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