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recoil springs

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I was wondering if there is a benifit to an aftermarket r.c. spring with reduced or increased weight/ any negitive effects as far as damage or excessive wear to slide? Any benifit for comp. use, uspsa,idpa??? If so what weight should be used to lighten up recoil/muzzle flip?
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You can't use a comp in IDPA, and only in Open Division in USPSA (where all the BIG dawgs pee).

Regarding recoil springs--unless you're really tuned in with your gun, you probably won't notice a difference, or at least not much of one. It's one of the least effective changes you can make until you're looking for that elusive "last 5%".
Who knows maybe you can feel the difference. The question is are you willing to try for the $60-$70??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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