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Recoil Spring swaps for the 34MOS....thoughts please

  1. Hi. Can anyone with experience give me some input on what, if any, differences I would notice re recoil without causing malfunctions by changing the recoil spring weight in my new 34MOS? I'm replacing the stock one with a stainless steel guide rod, and the new spring is same as OEM, 17lb. I'll be shooting 124gr ball or hp out of it. Hard for me to find anything definitive.
    I can handle recoil on a 9mm, i'm just curious how much the gun can be tweaked by that spring lb.
    Thanks for any input.
  2. It's not going to change anything. The only time the weight of the spring becomes an issue is when you start building custom loads, i.e. "soft" loads will require a lighter spring for the gun to operate and "hotter" tend to like heavier spring weights to help control the slide. If you run a compensator then the spring weights and loads have to be tuned so the gun will cycle and maintain accuracy. The gun pictured in my avatar has a stainless rod with a 17# spring and it shoots like a dream. My loads 3.4gr TG and 147gr Xtreme HP. Chrono average 890fps. 3.4 is middle of the road for powder if I go below 3.2 then I have to change my recoil spring because it cycles too fast and stove pipes. By keeping the spring weight at OEM I can shoot my ammo or factory ammo with no issues.
  3. Boom, that's great info. Thank you!
  4. I have the 34 with a tungsten guide rod and ISMI 17# spring. When I went to a compensated KKM barrel I had to change the spring to a 13# to get it to function properly. The tungsten provided a little extra weight up front to reduce muzzle flip but not sure how noticeable it is in actuality. It allows you to 'tweak" your gun to various loads
  5. Interesting... so the ports on the barrel reduce the velocity, which acts as if you're shooting lighter loads so the spring needs to be lowered. Good to know. Q: I hear that the gasses blacken your front sight. Any opinion? And is it worth it overall from a recoil reduction standpoint? I'd consider trying a ported/compensator etc if it helped. Thank you.
  6. I had two KKM's that were ported. One was internal and that did indeed blacken the front sight. I then bought the threaded barrel with the external comp and was much happier with that set up. I used 13# ISMI flat wire recoil spring and tungsten guide rod for that set up. Down side is you have an allen set screw to hold comp in place and every time you want to remove the barrel you have to remove the comp first A bore snake reduced the frequency but isnt ideal for cleaning the barrel
  7. Do you notice a reduction in recoil?
  8. The reduction with the KKM and external comp with the 13# spring had a very noticeable reduction in recoil
  9. Cool. Greatly appreciated GQ