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Recoil spring question

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My son gave me a used but nice 23C in 40S&W. I'd like to put a stainless recoil guide rod in it. What weight spring comes stock in it? Does the " C " require a special spring?
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I believe it comes with an 18lb RSA.

You can go to Wolff Gunsprings and get a stainless guide rod and "calibration pak" that comes with an assortment of spring weights. That way, if you want to shoot softer target style ammo, you can put in a softer spring and still get reliable cycling. For the premium SD style loads, maybe go back to something closer 18lbs.

The ports on the G23C will result in reduced velocity (as compared to a non-ported G23), so going stiffer in springs likely will result in FTF's at some point.

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Thanks, I don't want to screw something up.
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