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Recently picked up a Wilson Beretta w/action tune

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I've always liked and wanted a Beretta, but every time I've shot them I just didn't like them. Got to reading and hearing about the one's that Wilson was working over and thought, WTH?, why not? Figured if I didn't like it, then I could easily flip it. Well, it ain't goin' anywhere! :cool:
Shoots great! I would highly recommend the extra $110 for the action tune if anyone is thinking about one of these. The trigger is so good that every "Berretta guy" that's played with it or shot it has walked away with a big ole smile on his face. :)

This was the first 15 rounds at 10 yards.
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Very interesting. I remember reading about them a while back and it seemed an impressive idea.

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Beretta + Wilson is like hot girl + champagne; hard to beat
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