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Recent episode on "American Guardian"

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I was watching American Guardian the other day and they brought up an interesting thought.

In states that are constantly demonizing rifles like the AR and AK and anything black pretty much...a good option for self defense is a 44 magnum lever action rifle. I have never shot one but from what I saw some models are really short, hold a decent amount of rounds, looks light weight, and I am guessing they are decently accurate at 100/200 yards? 300gr 44 magnum rounds pack alot of punch.

I guess it also makes sense to have a combination handgun & rifle that can shoot the same ammo if needed so some 44 magnum revolver would be nice too?

Anybody have one? What are the real world pro's & con's? Are there better combination's?

Would setting up a lever action as a "black gun" be considered blasphemy? I think it sounds like a good alternative to the evil AR & AK in anti gun states?

I like this one I found on the internet.

Or of course this
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A .44mag lever action is a great HD gun. I had a Marlin 1894P that was an excellent rifle. That black one in your post would be perfect. Powerful, accurate, short, and fast.
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