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Rebel XT producing washed out photos

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I've recently purchased a Sigma 70-300 lens and while the first couple of months the lens produced great pictures, the last few times I've used the lens the pictures seem washed out. Colors are not vibrant and the results are on the white side.

Any suggestions?
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You may wish to register and ask here:

You may have the ISO set to a plus 1 or something similar or it may be a trait of the lens. I am not a Rebel XT expert at all.

The posters at this forum are the ones with experience.

Good luck.
I second the General's comments. DPReview is a great source of info. Some others are: (dedicated to Canon cameras)
Could you post a sample pic?
Originally posted by Hokie
Could you post a sample pic?
Yeah, that would help a bunch. I have gotten what I consider to be washed out pics, just due to harsh mid-day sun. What were the light conditions?
Just curious, which Sigma lens?

I have one of the 70-300 versions and I haven't had any problems from it. Some people swear up and down one version is better than the other but hell, other than the size of the arpeture and the quality of the glass, I don't think the special coatings are going to make your shots any better or worse.
a lens isnt gonna all of a suden change unless you drop it and even then (ive droped a few they still work fine.more likly the operator,maby the camera but not the lens!
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