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    it appears our goverment in its wisdom has decieded not to tax that common appendege refered to as a '*****'...the reasons are as follows...
    1. 80% of the time it is unemployed ,just hanging around doing nothing...
    2. 15% of the time it is in a very hardup situation...
    3. 8% of the time it is pissed off...
    4. 2% of the time it is in the hole...
    5. it is burdened with two dependents , both of whom are nuts...

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    Actually, the Dems had a measure on the table to tax it, before the election. It was to be based on length.

    8-10 inches Luxury Tax
    6-8 inches Pole Tax
    4-6 inches Nuisance Tax

    Anyone over 10 inches would file under capital gains.
    Anyone under 4 inches would be eligible for a refund.

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    Gotta reconsider my approval of major tax cuts.