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    Real estate is going up again.

    If you're looking, here are some helpful translations of descriptions in Real Estate ads:

    Sophisticated city living - Next to a noisy bar.

    Old World Charm - Has some woodwork, needs cleaning.

    Contemporary feeling - Has no woodwork, needs cleaning.

    Close to Lakes - Impossible to park from April to October.

    Wide open floor plan - Previous owner removed supporting walls.

    Security System - Neighbor has a dog.

    Need TLC - Major structural damage.

    Updated kitchen - Sink no longer overflows.

    Motivated seller - Has been on the market for 14 years.

    Convenient - Located on freeway entrance ramp.

    Mint - Someone has spilled mouthwash on the carpet.

    Neutral decor - No murals of nudes, or Elvis, but has brown walls.

    Move in condition - Front door missing.

    Cozy - No room larger than 9 x 6.

    Lower level family room - Ping Pong table over sewer opening.

    Light open spaces - Many holes in walls and ceiling.

    Outstanding - Painted purple, sticks out like a sore thumb.