Reactionary Shooting.....are you up for it?

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    Aug 28, 2017
    So you have a CCW license or are you thinking about getting it?
    In your CCW class,were you allowed to draw from a holster,move an shoot or did you stand behind a table,take aim at a target 10 feet in front of you?
    Draw or learn to draw.....from your CCW holster.....
    Train and drill on an indoor course around make shift walls,doors windows.
    This Local Range (a south of Chicago suburb) by me offers these classes/exercises twice a month.
    I've done this an all I can say is what a superb experience!
    The training and drill course exercises exhibit real life situations.... don't know what your "capable OF",or "NOT capable OF" until you try this.
    Absolutely NO pressure on you the student.
    Prepare yourself and new skills.
    Friendly,SAFE experience with knowledgeable trainers.
    Can you believe only $50.00 for two hours of FUN...!
    No limit on how many rounds you choose to fire.....double tap or rapid fire,it's up to you!
    MOST OF ALL......Learn,practise and Have FUN!

    I am just one happy "Educated" customer and not affiliated or associated in any way of this business.

    If interested PM me for Range location information.

    My 3rd experience will be this Nov 8 @5pm.

    Sample Video of training.

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