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Re-learning B&W

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In preparation for a purchase of an SLR, I'm re-learning black & white. Not only the subject matter works differently, but also a lot of post-processing is very different. I am trying to apply it to everyday shots, like hiking. Still a long way for me to go, but I am having a lot of fun learning.

Here they are. This URL should work for a while before I re-organize the pictures again. ;)

Comments are welcome. Tips on B&W post-processing are more than welcome (they're priceless :cool: ). The process right now is as follows:

1. Canon A610 color jpeg
2. Photoshop fixing basic exposure problems (also color balancing for better B&W conversion)
3. Photoshop foreground/background differentiation (blurring (hard to use selective focus with a P&S), lightening)
4. Photoshop B&W conversion. This may use various techniques, channel mixer, B&W gradient, and they could be applied to the same photo differently depending on the area.
5. Photoshop selective sharpening
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