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    Anybody use one of these? Care to comment on how it performs in lite chop waters?

    This year was horrible for ducks. Early season I seen maybe 3 ducks at a state sponsored duck shooting hole. Later on I did 3 other ducks and wounded one ring neck that was stolen by either a otter or beaver. Couldn't determine which but it was big and dark color. I had maybe 3 other shots ( all misses ) on flying ducks. I did get one Fl Mottled duck which was nice.

    I saw few guys using robo-duck like mine with no luck and somebody mention the RC duck that you manuver around. I would rather see one on a sugmere pole-tether that goes in circle. Maybe 2 postion with your decoys in the middle.
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    Haven't tried any RC ducks. We seem to use quite a few robo ducks. Every now and then someone brings the one that pumps water out its butt. And of course the ole' jerk string gets it done on many days. Mostly, on smooth water you need some way of creating waves and water motion. The birds seem to key in on the glints of light off moving water and still water with birds in it isn't natural.

    I had a so-so season. Killed maybe 100 birds all season. Went to Manitoba for a week in October and shot a limit of ducks nearly every day buy only a few geese and we usually clean up on snows in Manitoba in Oct.

    At our club in Arkansas the weather and the calander really conspired against most of us. Had a real cold rainy spell early season--opening day was pretty awful. It got good for a few days in early December. Its rained 9" on Christmas eve and that flooded our rice fields so badly you needed a boat and a couple of hours of pumping in the pits before you could get in and of course ain't no puddle duck ever going to land in a flooded rice field with water 4' deep as there ain't no way he's going to eat anything that deep. I shot some ducks out of my boat blind on the black river a few days and shot several limits of wood duck and teal. The late season after new years was mostly frozen up and the birds had moved on. We had maybe a good week late in January and I know a couple of guys who shot solid limits every day for a while in January but the last 3 days of the season got nasty with snow and temps in the 20's again and the birds packed their bags and moved on.

    I'm waiting to hear about snow geese down in Arkansas. If I can get a couple of good reports I'll head down with some friends and try to shoot some light geese during the Conservation season. But I'm not driving 6 hours unless I get a solid report of some birds coming down to feed on our lease.

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    We use 3 of the spinning wing decoys (one Mojo, one Lucky Duck, one Air Lucky), and 2 of those "vibrating" decoys, and I've thought about one of those RC decoys as well. The problem is, I hunt a lot during the week, when my two weekend partners have to work, and it's pretty hard to use one when alone... what with the dog handling, calling, etc., who will operate it? I've only got two hands. :supergrin:

    I've tried encouraging one of my weekend partners to buy one (he can't blow a call worth a hoot, and has nothing else to do while a flock is working our dekes), but he's content with what we've got (and too cheap, too :upeyes:). I won't invest the bucks in one if I can't use it when hunting alone, which is about 50% of my hunting time.

    I've also thought about one of those little propeller things you clamp on the keel of a regular decoy, making it swim in a circle. Much cheaper, and makes more sense to me.

    Last season was absolutely the worst season for ducks I've ever had. Still got shells left from my first box of Black Cloud #3s. We've had a pretty severe drought for 4-5 years now, and our two best spots are all but dried up. We switched to laydown blinds and field dekes, which worked real well on geese. We hammered the geese, but very few ducks were attracted to the dried up, now grass covered, lake beds. Black Cloud BBs worked well, too.

    Edit: I haven't put my duck boat in the water, nor used any floating decoys, for the past two seasons. Rather than spend any money on a RC duck, instead, I've had to buy a laydown blind, field decoys, and a "deer" cart to haul it all out into what was once covered by water. :dunno:
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