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RBG dies.

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  2. Hoooooooooly shiz.

    Hold on to your hats, folks.
  3. RIP

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  4. Wowoww

    2020 folks, buckle the **** up.
  5. Well, RIP.

    Watch the democrats melt down trying to stop trump from replacing her before the election. If you thought the Kavanaugh situation was bad, just wait.
  6. Can we get her replaced before the election?
  7. Prayers for all involved.
  8. If she had loved her party she'd have quit during Zero's term when her bouts of narcolepsy started, but she loved herself more. Hope Ted and John left the light on for her.
  9. Shouldn’t the next president nominate a replacement?

    that was the logic after Scalia died, right?
  10. RIP....Condolences to her family.
  11. Well.....Trump WILL BE the 'next President', so I'm good with that.
  12. Yep. The democrats will now pull the same stunt.
  13. I sure hope so.
  14. Prayers for her and her family.
  15. Not a chance. But since Trump will be re-elected, no big deal.
  16. She must have croaked angry that she couldn't hold on until November.
  17. 2020 for all the marbles......
  18. How's that saying go? Ding dong...something...?
  19. RIP....Let the shenanigan's begin
  20. No, depends on which party controls the senate. If the dems controlled the senate they would push it out hoping for a dem POTUS next term.
  21. This is a hell of an election twist.
  22. I wonder if Mitch will change his tune from a few years ago.
  23. I have nothing good to say about RBG. Nothing at all. No 'RIP', no 'Condolences to the family', etc...if a conservative Supreme Court Justice had died, you better believe the Libs would be posting 'Burn in hell' and dancing on their grave. I won't stoop that low, but I'm glad to see there's long-term hope for our country with the appointment of a conservative judge.
  24. As long as Betty White is still alive. If she kicked the bucket it would be the end of the world.
  25. "Elections have consequences." Barack Hussein Obama II

    Trump will appoint and the Senate hearing will begin immediately to confirm.
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  27. You know as awful as that sounds it was my very first thought as well when i read the thread title.
  28. It's only a minor setback.....
  29. Think of the hundreds of thousands of aborted babies since she's been a judge. That's the tip of the iceberg of the evil she has participated in
  30. I find this kind of sad:

    Just days before her death, as her strength waned, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."​

    She apparently knew that her days were very numbered, and she worried about politics and career. If I were in that situation, I hope that my time would be spent with friends and family and not a thought wasted on politics.
  31. Did someone drop a house on her?[​IMG]

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  33. You are correct, the left are animals. No need for conservatives to descend to those depths.
  34. She had my respect. A heck of a fighter. R.I.P.
  35. RIP.
  36. No you are totally wrong -

    What does the constitution say?

    It says the senate decides how to proceed - and that is exactly what they did after Scalia died - and it should be what happens now -

    The senate has almost unlimited power to make the call - and they should use it.

    But on top of that - imagine an election where Biden already has 600 lawyers hired - and the dumocrats have said they are going to fight with every thing they have until all legal means have been exhausted -

    Do you want a SCOTUS with only 8 members so it could end in some sort of tie?
  37. I pray for her family, during this time of loss.

    I vehemently disagreed with her rulings, but I won't celebrate her death.

    having said that, her passing is like 2020 decided to kick the world's largest hornet's nest...
  38. No Obama was LAME Duck
    THAT's the difference.
  39. [​IMG]
  40. My parents always said, "If you can't say something nice...... don't say anything."

    Well.......... I never did listen to them, on that.

    No. I can't do it. I cannot say what I want to say.

    Rest, RBG.

    That's as good as it gets, folks.
  41. No reason they can't get this done - at least before 1/20/2021.

    Trump already gave out his list of possible justices - move it ahead -

    You can't go into the possibly most contested POTUS election in history with an even number of justices on the supreme court - imagine a tie in a critical vote that leaves the election undecided.
  42. RIP Ruth.
  43. More like-- hold onto your EBR's!
  44. 87 is a good run
    So long
    Next up?
  45. Indeed..... didn’t like her politics but she was a tough old bird