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RBG death question

  1. I have to ask. Did she die of the Chinese virus like a good liberal?
  2. According to her grieving family she died of cancer.
  3. So did Kenny Rogers, but the press spelled it "complications from COVID 19."
  4. I heard her flying broom crashed.
  5. Yea. She'll be the only person since March who didn't die from COVID.
  6. I don't get it.

    Rogers died of natural causes and I don't recall the media mentioning Covid.
  7. Yes, there were several articles saying he died from "complications from COVID 19" I first noticed it when I was looking at a list of daily birthdays of famous musicians that said he had died from COVID 19 this year and I thought "hey, I don't remember that." Turns out, they did say that, but some more reading showed that he certainly died from bladder cancer in hospice care.

    Looking back at the articles now, it may have been a legitimate mistake, since most articles say he "died of natural causes " and "due to the coronavirus pandemic" the family was doing whatever with his funeral. Some probably combined those into "died due to coronavirus." Wouldn't surprise me if it was intentional.
  8. Cancer....which I am sure you knew.
  9. Poor taste

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  10. Remember how the left acted when Scalia died, that's how I'm acting now!
  11. RBG was out of step with the other judges in history of the SCOTUS, she said too much political, hate Trump 7 was vocal about it, and IMHO was classless. Not SCOTUS material. Pancreatic Cancer never ends will, it is like being condemned to death.

    Hope Trump replaces her with a person like Kavanaugh, classy, bright, and someone who understand Constitution of the USA.
  12. ....and we wonder why our system is irrevocably broken.
  13. She knew her days were numbered and this allowed her to speak so openly against Trump. This along with her past voting record should be enough to nominate the next judge immediately. Trump I think knew this was coming soon and may have been a reason on the timing of his list of potential judges.
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  16. Some of you guys are just.....………….Ruthless...…..

  17. Didn't care to know whether you wanted to taste it.
  18. and toothless..............................
  19. i think so.

    I don't think health status of a Supreme Court justice can really be a secret when that justice had been known of poor health. It's not published for all to read, but at the same time, people talk in DC even medical professionals.

    My only curiosity is whether she died naturally, as in Scalia died with a pillow case over his head.
  20. Corrupt politicians and judges, some that serve for life?
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  22. I think it is better not to stoop to their level regarding the death of someone with whom we disagree on political views. Scalie and RBG argued about most judicial issues but they actually liked each other on a personal level.
  23. I refuse to allow myself to judge people solely upon political leanings. Life is a little more complicated than that.

    A single dimensional viewpoint of an individual would make me no more interesting than a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. And that would be a terrible disservice to myself and my family.

    I had a very dear friend die of pancreatic cancer. The pain that he and his wonderful family endured was tragic. I couldn’t imagine anyone cheerleading this kind or torture.

    If the OP is so ignorant and uninformed as to understand how she really died, I might suggest a simple google search. It’ll save him the embarrassment of looking like a fool.
  24. But I thought we were supposed to be better than them? :dunno:
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  26. no....a populous that allowed politicians to drive the American people into 2 camps so deeply divided that the politicians are left as the only winners. They drive the propaganda to further the division, make BS promises to get elected and then do the opposite all while digging us deeper in dept while tightening their control over the people. Keep people focused on the 5% of differences and they forget the other 95% that makes them all Americans.
  27. I vehemently disagree.

    Your argument places me on the same level as those with a lower moral standard. It makes me just like them.

    If you’re happy being equal to that, I wish you the best of luck. It’ll catch up to you.
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  29. In the end, many die of pneumonia - viral or bacterial. But pneumonia is never mentioned as the cause of death. Covid-19 is the Trump boogeyman.
  30. That 95% is a pipe dream. Look at the window of any metro city and they don't consider Citizens and America. Why does the populous continue to vote these assclowns in you think? If you are looking for decorum in politics, keep looking.

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  31. Just want people to recognize that there's a lot high moral people WITHOUT a country. Then they become nomads just to live. Talk to Dalai Lama.

  32. .....because the pneumonia is caused by COVID.

    COVID, Influenza and even cancer kill because of the complications they cause in the body whether it be pneumonia, sepsis, organ failure or plain old cardic arrest.
  33. I think she's been dead for months but yaknow? DR. Frankenstein stepped in. BTW the monster didn't have a name.

    I'll give the old Gal credit, she almost made it to Nov. .
  34. Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin. An enlightened mind realizes there is no coin. Embrace your socialist future
  35. Who thinks all conservatives are moral people?