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I recentley watched a demo test on you tube of the RBCD ammo & I must admit I am highly impressed! What is your opinion on using RBCD ammo for home protection? Also if faced with a lethal threat and this ammo was used to protect my family could courts consider this round a little too aggressive
to use for the average home owner?

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Mas thank you for taking the time for my questions!

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Since one of that load's design parameters was preventing danger to bystanders by reducing over-penetration, I should think it would be very defensible in court.

Years ago, Jim Cirillo told me there had been a shooting or two with it in which it had worked spectacularly; I haven't had any more input on it since. Bear in mind, you want to run a couple of hundred of your carry loads through your gun to test reliability, and with specialty loads like this one, that can get a little pricy.

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