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Raven Concealment paddle attachment

  1. I have read plenty of positive reviews of the Raven Concealment holsters, but I don't recall ever having seen a review including their paddle attachment.

    I would appreciate feedback from those with firsthand experience.

    I currently use a Comp-Tac paddle slide for when I carry my G38. I am considering the Raven that would allow me to carry with the light attached.
  2. I don't believe Raven Concealment Systems makes a paddle holster. They have all types of IWB and OWB but no paddles. Here is their website: http://www.ravenconcealment.com/ and here is their storefront: http://www.themalabarfront.com/

    I really like their products and have stopped using any other brand of kydex holster.
  3. I like the idea of 'another' raven option and hoping to get some feedback as well.
  4. Well, it appears that the lack of response means nobody else has heard of it either. LOL
  5. Looks like they might work alright based on the pic in the link.

    I will offer this to you. I had the Phantom IWB kydex clips attached directly to the holster (no wings). Putting it on after the gun/holster was in the below freezing trunk of the car, the IWB clips broke off fairly easily. (I had followed this process about 15 time in freezing weather before the clips snapped for a point of reference.)

    If you avoid cold/freezing weather, then you should be fine.

    I've since switched to Comp-Tac clips for my Phantom and couldn't be happier (still freezing cold out when I get to my vehicle and slip the holstered gun into place). The Comp-Tac clips are more of a plastic than the Raven kydex clips.

    Good luck and stay safe!