I've been collecting Hungarian AKs for the last 2 decades and one of my AKM63s is up for grabs. NO, this is not an AMD65 with the folding crutch. Limited number of AKM63 kits with original Hungarian barrels(proof shown in the photos) made the US a while back and this is one of them. Currently the kit is valued at $1999 and sometimes they surface on GB. Tested this bad boy yesterday(01/21) for the first time and 90% of the head shots at 75ft on an unlit target were spot on. The whole AK is beautifully matched in a nice coat unlike my other AKM63s. Comes with a Hungarian tanker 20rd magazine or a 30 milspec, depending on preference. Have questions? Ask away!!!

Thanks for your time,


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Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

Machine gun Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

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