Rare 1985 Glock Manual in pristine condition.
The front cover says "FORM US001-11/85".
Inside the last page 29 is a hand stamped address for Glock and a hand written phone number.
Inside the first page is a warning written in red about accidental discharges if the gun is dropped.

I received it new with my first G17.1 in the summer of 1986 , never opened it, just put it with the rest of my gun paperwork in a box in the garage, and only opened it up a few days ago to take pictures.
I owned 3 of the Gen 1 guns back in those days, but only a few small items and this 85 manual remain.

Since I am not a collector, but can appreciate those that are, I would like to sell the 85 Manual to a member here at Glock Talk that may be trying to complete a collection.
If no deal is struck here, I will likely post it on ebay (and have to pay large commission fees).
I will pay the shipping charges, and we can work out payment by Private Message (Conversations).
MC Rider.