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Rant about American Tactical & Pawn - Shelby NC

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A buddy mentioned their shop in Shelby so I drove over to see what they had in stock today. Sadly, what I found was a rude owner, clueless employees and overpriced stock.

I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket and inquired about the AR57 on the rack. The employee couldn't answer any of my questions except for the price mentioning that it was "$1500...very high." Then I inquired about the case of 2000 rounds of 5.7x28 sitting in the floor. The owner sharply snapped from a few feet away, "It's high...high!" I forced myself to smile and thanked him. Then he added, "$'s armor piercing so it's high."

I was holding my young son while inquiring and I suppose they thought the price of diapers prohibits me from being able to afford anything they had. I must say, if that was their thinking, they were clearly mistaken.

Well, since they were so adamant about it being high, I thought I would let them keep what they had. :steamed: I certainly don't want to purchase anything that is "high."

When I go into a store to spend money, I fully expect folks to answer my questions and be respectful. I don't want their opinions of what they think I can spend. I find such rude and obnoxious. I dress so as not to stand out nor draw attention. I also don't lean on the counter telling tall tales like so many customers do. I keep to myself until I want a question answered or until I am ready to negotiate a purchase.

I will add, if anyone is looking they have several AR15s and some tactical gear in stock. Don't expect to be treated well however and don't be surprised about their "sticker" prices.
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