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Ranges in the Tampa Area ??

  1. I comming to lovely Florida for a little vacation. I'll be on Anna Maria Island just south of Tampa. Are there any public ranges around there ?? I'm from Kentucky and was glad to see your state honors our CCDW permitts.
  2. There's Shooting Sports on Dale Mabry, but the location is bad due to heavy traffic and this range is kind of run down. The range that I currently go to is Shoot Straight Tampa. The entire facility is brand new, and they have a full retail store in addition to awesome facilities, to include a 100yd rifle range. But dont take my word for it, goto http://www.shootstraightonline.com and see for yourself. They are located on US HWY 301 on the east side of the street not even 200yds south of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Let me know how it goes!!
  3. Use www.wheretoshoot.org to locate ranges nationwide.

    Anna Maria Island's ZIP code is 32417, to make the search parameters easier.

    What kind of shooting do you want to do? Indoor/outdoor? Handgun/rifle/shotgun? Casual/target/competition? Specific sport: clays/skeet, bullseye/USPSA/IDPA, highpower/benchrest, etc?

    Be a bit more specific and you may get better info.
  4. Indoor pistol.
  5. That sounds great. I'll let you know how it goes. I've read that some ranges in Florida require you to shoot their ammo. Does Shoot Straight do that ??
  6. Shoot Straight's facilities are nice but their management sucks.

    My Dad went in to check out prices on a new Benelli shotgun. He talked to one of the managers for a bit, settled on a price, and had the manager write down the price himself on the back of one of his business cards. Well, my Dad went back in 3 days later to buy it and the same manager said that was not his handwriting and refused to honor that price.:upeyes: What a jackass.

    Keep in mind my Dad already bought a family range membership and a new Benelli M4 not long before that. My cousin also bought 2 hand guns from them as well as a range membership.
  7. If your Anna Maria Isle the nearest range is going to be Take Aim in Sarasota. It'll cost you about 7 bucks to join.
  8. I live in Bradenton, and I shoot at Take Aim. on us 301 in Sarasota. The membership fee is 12.00 and it cost 12.00 to shoot all day. Nice place to shoot. They have a website but the prices are out of date on there.
  9. I guess I have not been there in a while