Rangemaster/Tom Givens in Baton Rouge - Nov 3-5 - Combative Pistol 2

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    Greetings all. Tom givens and crew are coming to Baton Rouge for a class Nov 3-5. The 3rd and 4th are a Saturday/Sunday, with an optional 3rd day Monday.

    Description per thier site -

    "Take your skills to the next level: Further, Harder, Faster!

    The Combative Pistol II course is a very intensive shooting class, designed to hone and refine your defensive handgun skills to a very fine edge. After a briefing the first morning, the entire class is conducted on the range, and students will fire between 1,000 and 1,500 rounds in the course of the weekend.

    There is an all day session Saturday, a dim light session Saturday evening, and a full day on the range Sunday. Skills covered include shooting from unconventional positions; use of cover and returning fire accurately while using cover; extreme close quarter shooting techniques, including contact shooting; advanced movement skills; and more.

    Registration for this class is restricted, as students are expected to already be familiar with Rangemaster training doctrine.

    Class size is limited to 14 students. This allows for intensive individual coaching, so we can bring out your best performance. The primary instructor will be Tom Givens, of Rangemaster, assisted by other staff.

    More about Tom/Rangemaster - http://www.rangemaster.com/

    Call 901-370-5600.

    Cost is $365 for 2 days, $499 for 3.