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range trip, sorry no pix....

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by cowboywannabe, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. cowboywannabe

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    Jan 26, 2001
    took out my Rossi 720.

    shooting done at 15 yards off hand (unsupported).

    loads, Hornady 180gr. XTP, Win 200gr. STHP, CCI 200gr. Gold Dot.

    shot 20 rounds of Hornady and 20 rounds of STHP and 50 rounds of CCI and the gun was a ***** cat as usual**. groups were D/A as quick as i could find the front sight and got 4"-5" spreads often with 2 or 3 @ 2"-3".

    switched to the CCI** and KA PIE YOW!!! they turned this gun into a little beast.

    i dont have a chrony but the Hornady 180gr. XTP is rated @1,000 fps, the Win STHP 200gr. @900fps, and the CCI 200gr. @900 fps. why the CCI was so much stouter i dont know. its the same weight as the STHP and supposed to be rated at the same velocity. the lighter Hornandy is rated faster but the CCI kicked quite a bit more noticably to me.

    one thing i found was that on occasion the CCI would bind the gun up, as in wouldnt allow the trigger to be pulled D/A or the hammer to be cocked for S/A. had to open and close the cylinder almost every 5 rounds.

    this occurred after the gun was fired about 75 or so times and was almost too hot to hold, in fact i buned my left middle finger at the middle knuckle a few times on the forcing cone while dumping brass (aluminum).

    i looked at each spent case of the CCI and did not find any primer blow back or anything that was obvious. i then tried the CCI and some Hornady and Win right away and the binding occurred on the first shot with the CCI but not with the Hornady or Win. at all.

    i wonder if the CCI Al. case was expanding in the hot gun and the brass cased stuff wasnt?

    the gun had about 80 rounds through it before without any cleaning from a prior trip.....

    ive got the gun cleaned up really good now and will try only the CCI first next go-round to see if it happens again.

    anybody notice CCI stuff being more "powerfull" than STHP or XTP in .44spl before? i was suprised at how much more rip-roar it had over the others.

    oh, HKS speed loaders were about as slow as my speed strips. they dont hold the rounds well as in allow a lot of wobble when trying to line up rounds and chambers....the Hornady XPT excelled here with its more pointed profile. i wish Safarliand would make a Comp I for the small 5 shot .44spls.
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    Jun 4, 2007
    Acme proving grounds.