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    Today I took 4 young men to the range. One wants to be a Marine, another has designs on being am Air Force Para-Jumper.

    I started them out shooting on static targets at 4 yards.

    Then they shot 8 steel targets (5 large and 3 small poppers). The one who wants to be a PJ started to shine.

    Next I introduced them to slicing the pie, active reloads, and moving targets (a drop turner and a swinging taget).

    Finally I gave them some hostage rescue shooting (three threats with no-shoots in front of them). Yes, we had some wounded hostages.

    They finished up with more steel shooting.

    We exhausted the 500 rounds of .45 I reloaded. I placed the Kimber .22 converstion kit on my 1911 and we worked through a significant portion of 350 rounds of .22 LR.

    All in all I suppose we shot some 750 rounds.