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Range Report on WA S&W 4013 TSW

Discussion in 'The Airgun and Paintball Club' started by snakeguy55, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. snakeguy55


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    Apr 21, 2005
    Visual Impressions and Handling

    This is my first Western Arms and although I knew it would be impressive, I was not prepared for how good this thing looks. Aside from the orange paint on the slide (not all that terrible), the heft, balance, and handling are almost exact duplicates of the S&W 908/3913 9 mm’s I have fired. The weight is within 1 oz of the real 3913 and the balance is excellent. The sights are also the same, as are the grips. All in all, an excellent visual and handling impression.

    I have not taken any photos as yet, but you can see a good shot of the 4013 here:

    Firing and Accuracy (all indoors at temps of 70-75 F)

    I have owned the 4013 for about 6 weeks and have put about 500 rounds through it (all KSC 0.2 g BB’s). I started off using HFC-22 green gas/propone) because it was what I had available. Although I know this is not recommended for WA's without mods and a metal slide, I am glad I did, as both functioning and accuracy and MUCH more impressive with HFC-22 than using HFC-134a. I have not done formal group sizes, but I can routinely shoot five shot groups of about 2” (3-4 cm) at 7 yards. If you delete the occasional flier (about 1 per 10 rounds), five shot group sizes of 1-1.5” are routine. The 3 dot (Novak?) sights are easy to use and most rounds are just above POA. Trigger pull is wonderful (about 3 lbs SA), and is the major difference between the WA and the real thing.

    Power under HFC-22 is also excellent. I do not have fps measurements, but the 4013 appears comparable to my KSC G19 under HFC-22. Aluminum cans are routinely pierced or badly dented at ranges of 21-25 ft. Recoil is present but enjoyable, pretty close to what a .22 LR feels like.

    Unfortunately, power and accuracy using the recommended HFC-134a are mediocre. I am still having unexplained problems filling mags with HFC-134a (don’t know if is me, the brand of gas I am using, or a faulty mag) but when I can fill with HFC-134a I am really unimpressed. Group sizes are about twice as large, fliers are more frequent, and power is poor (cans are sometimes not knocked over and paper targets are not punched cleanly). Nevertheless I use HFC-134a about one-third of the time to avoid putting too much stress on the 4013, at least until I can get a metal slide.


    Aside from the difficulty filling the mag noted above, reliability has been quite good under both HFC-22 and HFC-134a. I have experienced failure of the hammer to lock back in SA mode, but this is still pretty rare. I have had no jams.


    Although the 4013 TSW was not cheap ($178 + shipping from WGC), I am very happy with my first WA. The main goal of this gun is an indoor practice arm for those times I cannot get to the range for real steel time. Under HFC-22 at least, the 4013 fulfills this goal admirably. I get excellent practice on sight alignment, stance, grip, and trigger control, and can practice draws and double taps at little cost. It is also a ton of fun to shoot.