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Range report on the "new" GP100.

  1. Just got by from a range session with the GP, a K38 Masterpiece and my K22. After sighting in from a rest at 50 ft I decided to try my hand at double action rapid fire with about one second intervals. I couldn't believe what this gun could do. My groups normally don't look anything like this.
    Granted I was only using standard 38 spl 158 gr LRN but I was very happy with myself. I'm sure with full power .357 loads the group would be all over the place but the potential is there. Now I have to do my part and practice, practice and practice.

    For comparison here's the K38 with the same loads from a rest.
  2. I have 4 GP100s, and a few SP101S, for revolvers, Ruger is boss, IMO. You'll be very happy.
  3. Oops I should have put this in the General Firearms forum. Mods feel free to move if necessary.
  4. Hell no, more people need to see this. Good on you. I gave my K38 Masterpiece to my daughter quite a few years ago as she grew up shooting that pistol. I loved it but she loved it more.

    ETA: Herrett's Shooting Star stocks turned it into a super revolver.
  5. Great guns, and great shooting! I'd be happy too!
  6. Great gun, and great shooting! I'd be happy too!
  7. XLNT!
  8. When I came on my 2nd job the original GP-100 was brand new and tho it was first on my list, which was a short list of approved revolvers, it simply could not be found or had anywhere. At the time I was still in my Security-6 ga ga stage and loved the Ruger triggers.

    Next up was a Colt Python which couldn't be found either. Blue'd models of either could but I wanted SS for the street. I settled for a 686 and never looked back but wondered for many years "If only I'd found a GP-100". Ive been a long time fan of Ruger, at least until Bill opened his mouth, and have always liked the triggers on their wheelguns. I won some statues with my 686 but always thought I'd have done a might better with a GP.

    I'm still ga ga over my .45 Colt Vaquero. Glad you had fun with your GP.
  9. Loved the gun, but it was always pinching my trigger finger between the trigger and the trigger guard. Only revolver that ever did that. Tried two and both did the same thing. Filling down the trigger suppose to be a medicine to such problem, but I didn't bother.
  10. I love a good, long range session with a heavy-framed .38- be it Ruger or S&W!
  11. Nice shooting!!! Can you please post a Pic of the K22 target? I'm struggling with my GP 100 .22 and would love to see a comparison. Off hand at 16 yards I can keep them in a 5 inch target - but not as easily as my Single Six. Thank you!!!

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  12. Still trying to be as accurate with a 38 LCR as I am with my Semi. One day I'd really like a GP100.

  13. I am confused, the K38 group is smaller so why are you so jazzed with the GP100?

    I have one in 6" BTW, I like it quite well but I still lust after a Python.
  15. I need another good 38/357 revolver. Thanks for the update.
  16. Have you tried shooting it with full power 357 loads to see if they really would be all over the place?! Curious Tim. :)
  17. The K38 was shot from a rest, the GP was double action. At least that's what I READ.
    I did my best DA shooting with the GP as well. Tried other grips, but the original grips worked best.
    Nice shootin
  18. Two really great revolvers right there. Good shooting. :thumbsup:
  19. Here's my best K38 shooting.

    Standing, unsupported, one hand, 5 shots, 6.75" group at 100 yards :)

  20. And here's my GP-100 at 50 feet, standing, unsupported, but two handed :)

  21. Nice shooting. This thread reminds me I really need to practice with my GP100.
  22. I have one in 10mm, Wiley Capp edition. I was just thinking about shooting it today.
  23. Very cool :cool:

    Thanks for the report