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Range report on a nice day.

  1. I got to take out a few guns today and thought I'd write a bac inspired range report. I wish I could have taken all my guns to the range as always but I took 5 with purpose. I have been internally battling sticking with one platform each range trip rather than bringing multiple guns yet I feel bringing a variety with purpose has helped my accuracy. I did bring my G23 (carry gun), G21 (winter carry gun), Para Expert SS 1911, G17L and my CZ75 SAO.

    The G23 is my go to gun. Today I focused on tightening my trigger hand a bit more and holding onto the gun rather than anticipate the next shot. I'm usually accurate with this gun and use this gun as my home base practicing form. I practiced holding onto the gun with each platform yet started here. With each gun I noticed this tighter grip to help.

    The Para was next. This gun I have been chronically shooting low. I was able to bring my groups closer to the target and mixed using my G21 with the Para and was able to get my groups closer by switching platforms back and forth. This G21 seems to hit bullseye no matter what I do and Gave me a good feel of how that 45 should feel. This somehow translated me into shooting more accurate with the Para. I did get my first ragged hole I could remember in a while. Also, I feel the G21 seems to group the spent shells like a butler swept them into a nice pile. I save brass so this was awesome. No complaints with either gun. The Para functioned flawless and I realized I shoot the G21 better than any of my guns next to my RIA 9mm 1911.

    The following two guns, G17L and CZ75 SAO, I ran in contrast with benefit for my G17L inaccuracies. I was trying my hardest to get my groups to lower with the 17L. As I discussed on another post that my groups are good yet high and left. I still think it's me rather than the gun as I can get a bullseye here and there. Contrasting the CZ SAO with the 17L again seemed to help me find that group dropping closer to the bullseye with the 17L. The CZ just seems to hit bullseye no matter where you point it. Side note the 17L like the G21 drops spent shells like some ferry is sweeping them into a nice neat pile. Both guns here functioned perfect and made a great pair.

    I left the range feeling good today. I felt contrasting a few guns worked to my benefit this trip.
  2. Here you can see my last target, the bottom right, is my most accurate group with the 17L. I was able to get a better feel with this gun following mixing it up with the CZ which I find easy to shoot.

    Here is my last target with the Para. I was able to have my best group yet.

    And here is my ragged hole made by my G21. This will be on the fridge tonight.
  3. Great pics, awesome guns.
  4. So the wife and I aren't the only ones to put targets on the fridge? Or did, grandson LOVES to pull them off and then let Grampy find the magnet at 5:00 AM with his bare feet.
  5. Pete, great report and great shooting!

    I'm very much looking forward to shooting with you again in a couple months. :thumbsup:
  6. Looks like you had a great day.
  7. Good report and fine shooting.
  8. Looks like handgun heaven to me. Fun and cool at the same time. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great range report. Looks like a fun time.
  10. Great work. Nothing better then time spent at the range.
  11. Great report and pics. You have some nice handguns to enjoy. Thanks for share your day with us.
  12. Looks like a great day to smell the gun powder.Nice shootin
  13. Your shooting continues to evolve, nice work!!
  14. Good shooting Pete!
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys!
  16. Great range report and some fine shooting as well!