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Range report...G30 Gen 3 and G26 Gen 3

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Deputy, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped for my first day at the range with these two guns. And it was ALL my fault.

    On both guns I had replaced the recoil sping assembly with a stainless steel assembly from RockYourGlock. Both guns got Pearce "pinky" grip extensions and the G30 got a Lone Wolf rubber grip sleeve.

    First...the Glock 26. With Federal 115 grain American Eagle ammo I had NO malfunctions and no BTF. Same results with S&B 124 grain FMJ. My first unusual extraction was with some Extreme Shock 124 grain Fang Face ammo. I got a couple of brass cases to the noggin. No big deal. I have a buzz cut and nothing caught on fire and I didn't receive any 3rd degree burns. :supergrin: Next was Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain. A few more cases to the head and a couple on the chest and arms. big deal. Nothing caught on fire and no burns or injuries. Last few rounds of Critical Defense hit me in the forehead. I was knocked to the ground screaming in excruciating pain and they had to call a cease fire while the range staff rushed to my rescue. Fortunately, the guys at the range were prepared and had wet towels to smother the blaze. They said they were used to rescuing Glock owners from the serious burns and they "hadn't lost one yet". But they said I would probably be scarred for life as the brass had caused 3rd degree burns. Oh well.... I just shrugged and said "it was a part of being a Glock owner". :rofl:

    Next up was the Glock 30. I had a wide variety of ammo to shoot out of it but I started with 230 grain S&B to make sure it functioned with some "normal" ammo. It did, although about 5 times in a box of 50 I had to use my thumb to close the slide fully. I marked this down to it being new and tight. Next I used some PNP ammo I had laying around the house for a long time. It was weird stuff at 220 grain. A couple of more of closing the slide with my thumb and then it was fine. Next up was Remington Golden Saber 230 grain Hollowpoint. Now things went downhill rapidly. I experienced failures to eject and double feeds liek crazy!!! WTF!!!! It was running fine and now it runs like junk. Then I checked the front of the gun and saw that the guide rod end was MISSING!!!! :wow:
    I took out the mag, cleared the gun, and took it apart. The guide rod screw had apparently backed out and then FELL OUT. The gun came apart easily and I recovered all the guide rod assembly parts. But they were screwed up and I couldn't re-assemble the gun. When I got home I noticed that the inside channel of the grip frame had a minor gouge in it and some of the plastic had been battered pretty well. Nothing serious, but it pisses me off. I packed up BOTH stainless recoil spring guides and am shipping them back to RockYourGlock for a refund.

    So I really can't give a good evaluation of either gun. I THINK the Glock 26 is just fine. And I suspect the G30 will be fine with the stock guide rod assembly. But I won't know until another range day. Sorry.
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