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Range Report: 6 loads + 1 Factory

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Working up a hog hunting load. The gun is not typical for our forum. It’s my SBR 10mm (CA89) with 8.85” barrel:

2nd set:

My indoor range is only 25 yards. Been hoping the 200 gr XTP Subsonic load would do well at 50-75 yds. since it will be suppressed. Might need to use the 180 XTP supersonic this weekend. I’m open to suggestions on these loads,
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It's hard to work up a load for 50-75yds when shooting is limited to 25yds.

My "wolf" load for my G29 is 7.0gr of WSF behind the Hornady 180gr XTP...

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But shooting at only 25yds with an SBR that will be used at 50-75 yds can be misleading.

I shot my new Marlin 1894 in .45 Colt at 25yds and was happy with the results...

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Then I shot it at 55yds and it all went to hell...

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