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Random range session today.

  1. I’ve been a little stressed out recently, so I thought I would pick some of the most random guns in my safe that I don’t normally shoot just to be totally immersed in the differences and the mechanics of shooting. Good therapy as a break from what’s going on in the world.


    Anyone else with range therapy today?
  2. Have a range in the back yard. Been spending a good bit of time there.
  3. I went Sunday.
  4. Hope you're OK. :)
  5. Not today, but Sunday I went to an 8 hr. Red dot workshop held by Dave Spaulding/ Handgun Combatives.

    Great class, great background info on red dots, excellent drills. I was tuckered out at the end of the day but had a great time.
  6. You're fortunate, I'm envious. Don
  7. I’ll bet that was fun OP... getting your mind sorta distracted from the BS, is always good...good for you...
  8. Actually yes. This was 50 rounds at 10 yards with my 320 compact in 357sig.
  9. Great PSA.

    Trigger time is very relaxing. I'll likely take out revolvers and .22s. Thank you for sharing. :fred:
  10. I didn't think about that - yesterday, the hour I was out, I didn't think about anything but sight alignment and getting a good trigger pull and hitting the targets and not making any newb mistakes.

    It was nice!!!
  11. Coincidentally I had an impromptu range session during my lunch. Still had the price tag on it when I opened the box at the range :/

    7 yards:

    15 yards:

    25 yards:

    each one opened up a bit more. ;)
  12. My son and I went to the range a week ago. We took 9 rifles/pistols as it had been a while since the range was open. The nice thing is the RO let us shoot for as long as we wanted for $10 each since it wasn't that busy. It took a lot of stress off of us and gave us both some needed range time to stay proficient. Shooting with my son. Doesn't get any better than that (unless my daughter comes along too).
  13. Very nice, and I feel that.

    Last month I finally was able to get to the range and it was the first time I'd basically been out of the house since February, with two kids under 4. I was starting to get a bit stir crazy.

    I also spoke to an adult that day, other than my wife, the first time in about that long.

    Since the weather has been nice my weekly range trip is my break from the world, just me and some time to focus on mechanical devices (and my own mechanics), it's extremely stress relieving, it was before this year and doubly so now.
  14. Range day was Monday, my wife and I usually head out to the range on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. This month its going to be the 1st, 3rd, and 5th.

    Borrowed a friends Poly 80 G26 build, it has a Holosun Red Dot and I have been playing around with it a bit. I also borrowed his 48, he purchased a Poly 80 43 frame and put the 48 slide on it. He has an aftermarket trigger (sorry don't know which one) and that combination really performed well in my hands. I might have to look into that some more.

    I am really becoming a fan of the Poly 80 frames.
  15. Just looked up the course description for that one. Looks like good stuff!
  16. 5619B7E5-31FC-402B-8685-92AFD363D881.jpeg I went to the club today and got some therapy. I put about 140 rounds through my CZ 455V trying out some different ammo. I shot 30 rounds with my go to AR at 100 yds with XM193.
    I shot the plate rack with both my S&W Victory and P365xl. I forgot my timer. I also shot the Victory for the June Rimfire Golf challenge. 32A705C8-A98A-4F46-A3EF-1324E99F7532.jpeg
  17. It really was! And very inexpensive considering the class size was only 10 students. Lots of individual attention. I highly recommend it.
  18. Need close ups of the revolver :)
  19. I went Saturday for the first time since last summer. When ever I take a huge break I forget how much I enjoy tossing lead down range.
  20. What is this?
  21. I know people dog on KelTec, but I kinda dig that one. And is that a Taurus Curve? That IS random!
  22. Its a Maxim 9. It shoots laser beams.
  23. Making him look up the special feature?
  24. As a matter of fact, I did go to the range yesterday. Took my smith M38 (in my avatar) and shot reloaded wadcutters at a steel plate.

    And yes, I feel much better now!
  25. I go 3-5 times a week to a range 15 minutes away depending on weather and household tasks, life is good when retired, you cast and reload.
  26. Nice selection

    Hope you had a fun time. :cool:
  27. I remember those days, when my wife and I started shooting back in the mid 80s while I was stationed in KY, we would hit the range 3x each week. Then during my LEO days I was an instructor and had access to our P.D. range 24/7/365. I set up a class for the officer's wives and once they took the class they could shoot at the range with their husbands. (It was so that my wife could shoot with me at my range ;)). From that time on we would hit the range a couple of times each week.

    Alas no longer, my outdoor range is about an hour's drive and the indoor range that I have a membership at is 30 minutes away. :(
  28. I was wondering the same thing, looks like something out of total recall lol