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    Mar 3, 2013
    Since early 2015 someone I am very close to has been ill, his problems got worse as time progressed.
    After many set backs it was determined his sickness is terminal, his remaining days will be short.

    This brings a flood of emotions, stress, worry and uncertainty.

    What will we do? what about his wife? his daughters? grandkids?
    How much suffering, pain and discomfort will he have?
    How can we explain this to the younger ones?
    what's gonna happen next week, next month?

    I have been here before- Twice. It does not get any easier

    This is not what I want, I am not happy with how this turned out.
    We can no longer do many of the things we enjoyed doing together
    Something has been taken
    Maybe if I was not so close, if I was more indifferent.. if I just didn't care
    If I did not have a positive relationship for 35 years
    if we had not shared so many good times, memories, experiences...

    Some people become part of your life, your existence, they become part of who you are.

    You see, IF I did not care, it does not matter - this would be so much easier.
    I could say "I'm sorry, take care" - walk out the door and that's it

    Therein lies the problem - we have people that DO matter to us.
    We have people we care about, people that are part of our lives.
    Some people that we owe much to, that have helped shape us into who we have become

    So, IF you could trade all the times you shared, the memories (good and bad) of all those years-
    Erase it, like it never happened..
    Trade all of that so you don't feel the pain of today - now or in the future

    would you do it?
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