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Railed Government 1911s in 9mm

  1. Aside from the STI Duty One 9mm, are there any other 9mm railed 1911s?

    (BAC, nothing to see here, move along. :supergrin: )

    Did Springfield ever make a railed 1911 in 9mm that is full size?
  2. Check out FUSION's website.I think they might be able to set something up for you.
  3. you can order one
  4. Yep, beretta-neo (shipwreck on the 1911forum) has one...

  5. That is a bad MFer... except the FLR. I don't think it would fit my Safariland 6280.
  6. Sweet Christ! 3k?

    My Pro wasn't even that much. Dayum.
  7. Aloha... Someone beat me to posting my own pics!

    Yes, it was $3k. It costs more because of the caliber change. The base price is $2600 (or it was in Aug 2008 when I ordered it - I received it in July 2009).

    Most places charge extra for a bull barrel install (Nighthawk does too), and I also had the rear of the slide serrated. Plus, the entire thing is hard chromed. So, there is some extra work compared to the stock Professional. However, the gun is really the equivalent of a Pro - just with a bull barrel, in 9mm and with a full rail.

    As for the full length guiderod - it's hard to avoid with a bull barrel. I have seen some supposed ways to do the GI rod on a bull barrel, but that's not the usual setup for a bull barrel.
  8. Some companies make holsters for the Springfield full rail Operator - it would fit one of those. Even though it is in 9mm, it has the same external dimensions.

    It's heavy, however. The bull barrel is thicker in 9mm than it is for a 45. SO, it's approx 48-50 oz unloaded.

  9. I was referring to the full rail fitting in a Safariland 6280, specifically, since I just dropped $130 on one for duty.

    I'm just getting impatient since my Pro will be replacing my G34 on duty and there is a Magpul Dynamics class in June with my name on it.

  10. Well, I dropped the hammer.

    Called Springfield and converted my PC9111LR to a PC9111LR... in 9mm. :supergrin:

    Pushed my wait time out another 4 months too. :sad:

    Now I have to find someone to adopt the pile of Wilson 47Ds and CMC Powermag 10 rounders I bought for the 45. :rofl:
  11. Kewl :)
  12. Technically, this delay is your fault. I demand you have your matrix operator jack you into my gun range so I can borrow your 9mm till October or whenever this damn thing is built!

  13. :rofl:
  14. :supergrin::supergrin:

    Just send me an airline ticket and hotel reservations - and then you can shoot it while I'm there :)
  15. I'm gonna have to sell all these .45 ACP mags I've been hoarding to fund your travels! :supergrin:
  16. That's fine. Please book me a flight with a stop in Tahiti :rofl:
  17. how about a nice trip to Cleveland :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  18. Hmm... let's wait until after winter, though :upeyes:
  19. just because this year i haven't seen the grass on my lawn since around Thanksgiving doesn't make it so bad :rofl:
  20. Well, make sure to post some pics when you get it in!