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Raiders issued new insignia

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MARSOC critical skills operators and special operations officers are authorized to wear a new gold breast insignia.

The insignia features an eagle, wings outspread, clutching an upward-pointing stiletto dagger featuring the Southern Cross constellation that appears on other MARSOC and Raider insignia. Above the eagle's head flies a banner carrying the MARSOC motto: "Spiritus Invictus," or unconquerable spirit.

The dagger is similar to the one used by British Commandos during World War II. Prior to US involvement in the war, in March 1941, fifty US Marines trained alongside the Commandos in Scotland. The British brigadier in charge thought the Marines were 'splendid' and outstanding shooters.
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Too bad the dagger tip isn't piercing a crescent.

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That was a patch though wasn't it? This is a badge, like jump wings or a dive bubble.
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