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A local government entity has announced the most radical, unbelievable strategy for dealing with COVID19 and the local economy.

“Weld County Government is not opening any businesses, just as Weld County Government did not close any businesses. … The same preventative measures need to be heed – we’ve said that. Expectations need to be managed – we’re doing that. What we aren’t going to do is pick winners and losers as to who gets to restart their livelihoods,” the commissioners said in a statement. “And at the end of the day, everyone has freedoms: freedom to stay home, freedom to go out, and freedom to support whatever business they want to support.”

Who do these people think they are? Mentioning freedom 4 times in one sentence? Stating that people have the freedom to stay at home?

This needs to be stopped now before contagion like freedom spreads and ruins the country and kills everyone!
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