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R.I.P. Donna

  1. my oldest cat, donna, died this morning at 3:10 am. fat girl as we jokingly called her was a 13 year-old cat i had for 11 years.

    i first saw donna through the glass of a secretarie's office 11 years ago at work. the secretary managed to lure her into the building and trap her in the office. we believe she was brought upto the county farm to kill the mice in the barn by the jerk renting it off the county, but prefered to eat the scraps she got from simpathetic people at the nursinghome.

    nobody wanted to take her because she was bloated and they thought she was full of kittens, she wasn't, just bloated from eating garbage. my boss asked me if i knew someone that might take her, i told them all i would even if she was full of kittens.

    eleven years later and she was pretty settled in and part of our lives.

    i'll miss her deep blue eyes and funny little silent cries she used when she wanted to get your attention.

    R.I.P. donna, i miss you.........
  2. I'm very sorry for your loss. Our pets come to be such a big part of our lives.

    Every day with them is precious, as we are destined to outlive them.

    I have a calico cat. She likes to sit on the floor next to me when I use the computer; I think she needs a big hug and some scritches....
  3. nightwolf..........

    I am sooooo sorry for your loss.......there has got to be a huge void. You look and see she is missing when you are so used to seeing her........

    :sad: :hugs: :sadangel:
  4. :sad: :sad: :sad: