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I did a DA first shot group with the strong arm (right arm) and dominant eye (right eye). Then I did the same but DAO.

Third group I went with left arm and right eye (weak arm, dominant eye). The last group of the day was done with left arm and left eye (weak arm, non-dominant eye).

I was surprised that my weak arms shootings weren't all that bad. It felt worse than it truly was. Weird.

Anyway, this gun impresses me more than I thought it would have, which is always nice to have a pleasant surprise. Nonetheless I don't think that I'm going to get any more CZ plastic guns or even the fancier 75B models. For some reasons, I enjoy shooting the plain jane 75s the best.

Sometimes the plain janes like the girl next door are the best option. You know them, trust them and are comfortable with them. Thanks for the write up, never knew there was a lego/plastic option ona 75 (trying to be funny no more).
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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