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Quick range report on the SIG P238 at 50 yards.

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I bought a SIG P238 several weeks ago. I've put 200+ rounds of mixed .380ammo through it with good results.

I've got a thing about shooting compact guns at a little distance, so today I took a break from chores and shot the SIG at 50 yards. My standard 50 yard target is a 2x2 foot steel plate with a 18 inch silhouette. While I'd like to stay in the silhouette, with the small guns, I consider a hit as anywhere on the steel.

The P238 is not friendly to re-loaders. It throws the ejected brass everywhere. I found only about 30 cases of the 50 I shot.

The gun is right accurate, standing, two hands, especially considering the lead reloads I was shooting today leaded up the barrel a little after about 30 rounds.
The gun has good large sights but a right hard trigger pull.
I heard a number of misses. I can only account for 40 hits out of 50 shots. I have to work on that.

I call these "Dimes". They are what's left of the lead bullet when it hits that steel plate. They fall a few feet in front of the target.

The gun now has over 250 rounds through it.
There have been a few malfunctions but none that appear to be the gun's fault.

I've had several lead reloads fail to feed all the way into the chamber. That's not unusual. My quality control on my lead bullet blasting ammo could be better.

The gun hates Brown Bear ammo. Much of the stuff wouldn't even go in the chamber.

A aftermarket magazine is giving me trouble, like the slide not locking back after the last round. The original SIG mag works fine. I'm going to buy a couple good mags at the next gun show.

The slide catch has caught the slide, with a half loaded magazine, three times since new. The gun is so small I think I'm hitting the catch with my thumb. The spring holding the slide catch down is quite strong, so I don't think the catch is going up by itself.

So, the gun is doing fine, even at a little distance.:)

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There are many similarities. I heard the mags were the same too.....Anyone in the know?
Yes, I understand the Mustang and Sig magazines are the same.
They both will take a 7 round magazine also. Probably that's what I'll get next.

I didn't mention that the gun is mild shooting.
My Micro Desert Eagle is a kicking bugger.

Another feature I like is the gun is simple to take down and clean. I hate to clean guns but this one can be cleaned in about three minutes.

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It looks better with wooden grips.
They make several models by adding night sights, wood grips and a strange looking finish.

I wanted just a plane jane model but this two tone with night sights was the cheapest one I could find.
I don't like the grips at all. I'll probably invest in wood eventually.
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