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Quick Ammo Questions

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by Jayock, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Jayock


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    Dec 8, 2004
    Boulder, Colorado
    Hi Mas,

    After your resounding recommendation / support of the Ranger-T 127g +p+ 9x19, I confidently decided to switch my carry / HD load from standard pressure Hydra-Shock 147g to the 127g +p+ Ranger-T. It took me 3 hours (over multiple search attempts) to find a source. I bought out what little the supplier had left (so those of you that find the supplier with "sold out" can damn me :)

    I also grabbed some 230g +p 45ACP Ranger-T, which they had considerably more of. I originally wanted the 200g Gold Dot +p 45 ACP for the extra velocity. I have seen you hold a solid stance for the 127g +p+ 9x19, but haven't seen such a stout position on the Ranger 45 ACP offerings. Is this still one of the top 2-3 load in your opinion for the 45 ACP?

    Also, I plan to pick up either a PF9 or PPS 9mm for a BUG / deep concealment carry. Neither are explicitly rated for +p+, though I understand that not many are, since +p+ doesn't have s pressure ceiling. I have had trouble finding reliable evidence they are even +p rated. Would such a gun be a good use of my 147g standard pressure hydra-shocks, or is there a better load for such 9x19 mouse guns?

    Lastly, a question on ammo stock-piles with legal ramifications... I read something that really resonated with me (might have even been in one of your columns) No matter how much cheaper ammo used to be... right now it is probably the cheapest it ever will be. This has me thinking of buying some decent ball ammo at volume discounts. I've found great deals on 1000qty 9x19 and 500qty 45 ACP. What is your experience with large quantity of Ammo in a legal, justified shooting trial? I've heard horror stories of people being painted as "Gun nuts" for having too much ammo on hand.

  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
    Ranger-T is always an excellent choice in .45 ACP. In a non-+P 9mm, I'd go with either the proven old Federal Classic 9BP (standard pressure 115 grain JHP), or the Federal HST or Winchester Ranger-T in 147 grain subsonic.

    Bro, we live in a world where if you had a brick of .22 ammo in the house and got arrested, tomorrow's anti-gun local paper would say, "An arsenal was confiscated last night from the home of..." In court, my answer would simply be that hobbyists into 35mm photography keep lots of film at home, gourmet cooks keep lots of food and ingredients at home, and those whose hobby is shooting keep lots of ammunition at home, duh.

    There are some countries where the law rigidly limits the amount of ammunition a citizen can possess. Fortunately, neither of us live there. :supergrin: