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    Feb 8, 2007
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    I have read the Facts and Myth's sections. I have read other articles on Freemasonry. I have been interested for some time, yet do NOT know any Mason's myself.

    Can someone tell me how can you tell if being a Mason is for you? I am professional, an involved father and husband and do a little in the community. I am not very religious. It would be fun to meet some new interesting people and be part of something bigger than me.

    With all that said, how can I tell if I would fit it? It sounds like there is a considerable commitment to joining and it shouldn't be taken lightly. I'd hate to bother people by going thru only to later find out that it is not for me.

    What is the proper way to apply and or request to join?

    Honest questions.

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I have wondered the question myself. Like you said, I would not want to waste anyone's time.
    I actually posted a question about the Freemasons today on ARFCOM, and found out some of the members are masons. Then I got refered here. I have been coming to GT for a while and never knew the Freemasons had a lodge here.

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    The great thing about the Masons is that it is what you want it to be. If you have the time and inclination to be very active, there are endless possibilities. If you are a busy parent/professional, they will patiently wait for you until you have the time. In Masonry, you are expected to take care of your job and family before anything else.

    It does not require you to be "religious", just that you have a belief in God. You are not bothering anyone, we are brothers who enjoy the fraternity and understand the pressures and time constraints. I have very little time to myself nowadays, but I find that the time I spend with my brothers is very enjoyable.

    I also joined the Scottish Rite and the Shriners, and am finding that there seems to be an endless supply of good and decent men. My father joined when I was born, then was busy raising his family and with his career, He came back 28 years later, and was accepted back like no time had passed. He now is in line to be the Master of his lodge, and has joined the York Rite. He spends everyday doing masonic events, and volunteers at the Shriner's Hospital.

    From my point of view, you will meet people who you will respect and have a bond for a lifetime. The more time you have the better, but do not let that stop you from one of the greatest brotherhoods around. I promise you won't be sorry.

    To Be One Ask One is our motto. Go to your local lodge and you will be greeted and guided with open arms

    I see you are a father. What a great example to show your kids. Masons are honorable men who care about their fellow man. My father tells me his proudest day was when he presided over my raising as a Master Mason. We have a bond that we will share forever. He showed me how to be a good father and man...the mason's helped him do that.

    If there is anything I can answer or do to help you in your journey..all you have to do is ask..and if you join, you'll meet hundreds of men who will do the same for you.
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    catman,do a Google search for MN Grandlodge.They can put you in touch with a Lodge close to your home.tom.