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Questions on sporterized Swiss rifle

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by I'mStrapped, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Jan 23, 2009
    I recently went to a gun shop looking for a k31. The owner pulled a sporterized 1896/11 ( I checked the serial number and it was made in 1908) out and said it was "an old k31". I bought it for $80 and ordered a case of gp11 for it. The ammo just arrived and doesn't fit the chamber. I did some googling and believe it is an " Alpine Carbine" imported sporterized and rechambered by Golden State Arms. It has no markings but I believe they rechambered them in .308. I found some photos online that look just like mine.
    [​IMG] alpinesporters.jpg (60.8 KB)
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    [​IMG] santafe2page.gif (110.0 KB) from "American Rifleman" Sept. 1960
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    My questions are:
    Does anyone have experience with these rifles and is the above information correct?
    Is .308 safe to shoot in these rifles? I know it has higher pressures than the original 7.5x55 (gp11).
    What are they worth?
    My reciver is drilled and tapped just like this
    [​IMG] mounting.jpg (115.0 KB)
    I would like to find a mount and scope to fit something similar to this
    [​IMG] scope_lh.jpg (102.9 KB) but I may end up making my own mount on a milling machine. Is there anywhere can I find a mount like that?
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    I would appreciate any other information you might have. Thanks.

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