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Questions for BCT

  1. Hello all....
    Iam going to BCT in San Diego on Sept. 17, and had a couple questions to ask before I go

    1) I have flat feet, should I buy my own running shoes? How are the running shoes that they supply?

    2) I get major razor burn when I shave and use a ton of aloe lotion afterwards.........can I buy lotion at BCT?(or am I supposed to tough it out without it?)

    Any other pointers to make it thru BCT

  2. Take your own running shoes. If you truly have flat feet you are medically disqualified for enlistment so I assume if you passed the medical exam at MEPS then you don't have "flat feet" by the medical definition. You can buy just about anything you need at the recruit store. I suggest a good pair of insoles for your boots. You will wear them alot more than running shoes.
  3. OK, I've been in the Corps for two years so by most definitions I'm still a boot to most of you. But being Admin I am also like the king of achronyms, BCT is a new one on me. WTF?
  4. Yeah, I have no idea what BCT means. I'm assuming he means Boot Camp Training.
  5. BCT= Basic Combat Training.......(I think its AKA Boot Camp, I could easily be wrong)

    I did pass the Med. Exam. at MEPS, I dont have "truly flat feet"- but
    I do know that the Doctor wrote something like "mild pes planus"

    Thanks for the replies.....
  6. No offense intended but don't expect any man-care products.
    You will shave daily and your skin will become as tough as shoe leather. You will probably use whatever cheap razor/cream combo they give you.

    IIRC, in 1984 it was Barbasol and the cheap-o yellow/white Bics. Then was also the DI's "aftershave" treatment; a plastic gallon jug full of alcohol and cotton balls. They used to love to apply it to our faces!

    Pointers to make it through?
    I picked out (mentally, of course) the slowest, fattest, least intelligent recruit in our company and kept telling myself, "If Recruit so-and-so can make it through boot camp so can I!!!"

    It worked, BTW.

    Good luck to you!
  7. Hey there man, you may want to go ahead and delete that one from memory. I have stories to tell you once you've earned your title about what happens to recruits when they refer to Marine Corps Recruit Training as "basic", trust me there is nothing basic about it. :thumbsup:

    Don't worry about the shaving thing, get a buddy on fire watch to wake you up two hours before lights and shave with the issued Mach 3 and Gilete shave gel. No aftershave unless you are getting inspected and then its Aqua Velva :blah:. Just use hand sanitizer like I did and you will stave off most recruit illnesses. Good luck.

    LCpl T
  8. "No offense intended but don't expect any man-care products."

    :rofl: I think I just pee'd on myself.:animlol:

    Semper FI, to those past and present who have earned the right :usmc:
  9. Right before our Bn Commander's inspection ( the final one in Alphas) the DI's were walking down the line with squirt bottles. One had Old Spice and one had Listerine. Open your mouth and hope you get Listerine. Not everyone did...:rofl:


    Is there still MCT? Or maybe it's BWT now. All I had was Recruit Training and ITS.

    Semper Gumby (Always Flexible)

    Mark 0369
  10. Same here with the squirt bottles, only it was with aqua velva! There is still MCT. BWT is in the same week as A-Line which was just before the Crucible.