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Generally speaking, 500 for a HK pistol isn't bad; if it's that price and a .45, it's probably a USP 45 or 45C.

Condition of the pistol, however, is important. There are plenty of HK's available; too many to get one unless it's in great shape. If I'm going to be spending five hundred dollars, then I'm going to spend it on a decent firearm. It's it's just the price, I'll pay more and get something better. There are plenty of decent firearms to be had for five hundred or less, if you look, especially in the used market.

HK firearms tend to be consistent and well made, and there's a lot of snob appeal associated with the brand. They're in trouble financially, have poor double action triggers, aren't particularly supportive of their civilian customers, and are very proud of their products and parts, fiscally speaking. They've proven to be favored firearms for many police and military applications, including special operations roles, for a long time, around the world. That say says a lot. I feel well armed with HK firearms; no doubt you will too.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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