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Question re: CMP forum members

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I registered on the CMP forums about a week ago, and my account has been established. Only problem is, I can't post a message.

This is what it says at the bottom, but it recognizes me as a member of the forums.

You may not post new threads
You may not post replies
You may not post attachments
You may not edit your posts
BB code is On
Smilies are On
[/U][/URL] code is [B]On[/B]
HTML code is [B]On[/B]

I posted a message in the "forum webmaster several days ago, but apparently it's not being seen by the right person..

Any suggestions?

I bought an M1 carbine recently, and I have some questions.....also possibly a safety issue with mine......need to get some help.......
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· Angry Hedgehog
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I registered recently and I can't post or reply either. I posted as a "guest" in the Forum Webmaster, but no response as of yet. Decent traffic from other members posting, so I don't think it has been abandoned.
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