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Question from new member

  1. Hi. I just joined the GSSF and am looking forward to shooting my first match (looks like it'll be Talladega). I currently have a g45 mos with a red dot that I'll be shooting in the unlimited class. I've been thinking about getting a 43x for a new daily and to shoot the stock class with. Now, my question - if I get the 43x, I'll want to cc it with the Shield Arms s15 mag. Shield Arms recommends swapping the polymer mag catch/release with their metal one since their metal mags will wear through the polymer in about 1k rounds. I know I can't compete with the SA mags but will the catch/release keep me out of the stock class? Thanks
  2. Technically, yes. But since it won't present a competitive advantage, and few ROs would ever notice it anyway, shouldn't be a problem.

    In my estimation, your bigger problem is the aluminum catch wearing on your stock poly mags when you use those. Glock designs wear points as metal to metal or poly to poly for a reason.

    I shoot my 43x (which I am currently shooting better than my 17), in Master Stock, Glock Girls, and Subcompact. It's also my Indoor GSSF Stock gun. I've even used it for SCSA Production.
  3. My suggestion: Don't try to improve on Perfection!
  4. I have a 48 and carry the Shield S15 magazines. I also use the aluminum magazine release with the S15's. My plan for my next match is to swap out the magazine release a day or two before the match and carry with the stock 10 round magazines. Then it's within the stock glock rules, and I can compete with no issues.