question for real estate agents or those knowledgabel about real estate

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    Jul 25, 2009
    I want to buy an investment property, a two bedroom condo for about 100 thousand. I'm thinking about Las Vegas, Pheonix or somewhere in Florida. Any ideas of the property taxes in those states? Do you think the prices will continue to fall a lot, or have they mainly bottomed out? I think it's best to invest in a state with warm weather, low property taxes and in a fairly large city with jobs and one that will continue to attract people, or at the least not have lots of people move out. I'm also considering Texas. I'm willing to spend more than 100k, perhaps up to 150,000, or maybe buy just a one bedroom. I believe that Florida and Texas have higher property taxes than Nevada or Arizona, but I know I must consider other factors as well. Also, I'm willing to consider getting a house instead of condo. Also, if you're an agent, please give my your contact information, or if you know a good agen, please tell me. Thanks in advance for any information you may give me.