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Question for Mitch Rosen Premier Express Line holster owners

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Are you guys happy with the less expensive Express line models ? I gather since this is his "economy" model that the interior of these holster is going to be rough cowhide.?. I am looking for a holster for my G26 and it is between this model and a Sparks Summer Special II. I would prefer the Rosen OWB holster because I like the snaps for a easy on/off and feel more comfortable with a OWB, but the Sparks has the nice smooth leather on the inside.
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I have 3 of his express holsters. Yes, rough side in but it doesn't affect wear or draw. You can also treat the inside with his Leather Lightning which smooths down the nap and makes it slick. Highly recommend his holsters and LL.
I have an USD IWB Express Line holster for one of my Sigs. These are quality holsters at a great price w/little to no wait/lead time.
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