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Question About Warning Light on Honda Odyssey

  1. While driving the 2001 Odyssey last night, the "check engine" light and "TCS" lights came on simultaneously. I was driving 60 mph on the Nonconnahbahn, with the A/C on a low setting. I cut the A/C off and slowed a bit, but the light stayed on. I was in an area where it was not safe to stop, and less than five miles from home, so I kept on until I made it home. I was alone with my child, and there were no service station in sight. The engine wasn't making any noise or feeling rough. Any ideas what this light stands for? I've googled it and searched on a Honda forum, but can't find any answers...
  2. If you have an autozone near you (most auto parts stores do this now), tell them you have a check engine light and they will get an OBD-II code reader and pull the code right there. That'll give you a clue on what's wrong.
  3. Thanks. We live in Memphis -- AutoZone is headquartered here. I really don't know anything about cars. That should be obvious! I'll check them out.

    Thanks very much.
  4. Probably a misfire, IME - when's the last time you had your plugs replaced? Also, the 2001 Odyssey should be included in the transmission recall on the 5 speed auto.
  5. TCS is "Traction Control System"

    My GUESS would be that it was an anomaly. Plug in and get the diagnostic code (well, have a mechanic do it.)
    It might very well turn out to be "nothing".
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