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question about SSN issued late

  1. I was doing a background check on a guy that's wanting to work for me. I noticed that he was born in the 1960's but his SSN wasn't issued until 1981..... what would cause someone's SSN to be issued so late?

  2. Maybe he didn't apply for one until he got his first job.

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  3. I would guess hippie parents that didn't believe he should have a ssn and he applied for one when he came of working age.

  4. Why don't you ask him?
  5. Might just be normal. Back when I was born (50's ) you didn't get a ssn until you got a job that paid taxes. In the 80's I think it was the tax code changed and you needed a ssn for every dependent you claimed making it necessary to get a ssn when born.
  6. Canadian deep cover agent.
  7. first tax recorded job or social security benefits initiated.
  8. Not surprising. I was born in 1965, my SSN was issued 1980. I needed it in order to get a drivers license.

    Today, I believe they are issued at birth.
  9. As hard to believe as it may be, there once was a time when Americans weren't slaves from birth.
  10. A freaking MEN! I was born in the early 50s and did not get mine until my first "official" job in the mid 60s.
  11. Was born in 63. I had one young. Maybe because I was adopted at a young age (13 months) from Rome then became a citizen at 5 years of age. May have been part of the requirements back then.