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Glock 29 Quality AIWB holster options for G29?

  1. I've been searching for quite some time for a holster for the G29 Gen4 but I can't find much. I've found mammoth holsters that are incredible wide, and I've found plenty of leather/nylon ones which is a no go for me. I need a solid holster that I don't have to worry about folding into the trigger.

    I love the Raven Concealment Eidolon but it doesn't fit the G29. I'd like to have one that doesn't look like it was made in a basement if you know what I mean. Appendix carry, preferably with the option for a light but at this point I think that might be impossible. It would be nice to have some clip options like a C-clip so it doesn't stand out as much on my belt. A really good bit would be a "claw" like the Eidolon to cant the grip towards me to prevent printing.
  2. T Rex Arms makes one with a claw.
    Stealthgear looks like a good option (no claw).

    I have no experience with either but I'm interested in this subject. Here lately I've been considering the G29 and AIWB is my preferred carry choice.
  3. https://trex-arms.com/store/raptor-appendix-holster/
  4. Stealth Gear AIWB. Worth a look!
  5. my jm custom kydex works great aiwb. pretty minimalistic so no extra poking etc. think you can get wing, claw and the like if that's what you want.
  6. All these options pointed are excellent. When you say there are no options, does the G29 just not show up on the list? If the G29 doesn't but the G30 it's because they kind of expected you to know that. It's like when companies list the 19/23 but not the 32.
  7. I've never owned a Glock before. I come from the world of XDm's but I figured it was worth a shot to give Glock a try. I see lots of hate for Glocks from the Springfield guys, and same from the Glocks for Springfield so I wanted to see for myself!

    Rumor has it we will be getting an XDm in 10mm sometime this year.

    That said I like some of these options. T-Rex looks like some good stuff and the blade tech I will be looking into more as well.
  8. Welcome to the dark side.

    They Jealous

    I have a sidecar AND a standard raptor, and love them both. SUPER high quality, and the holsters look sharp. Their only downside, is that they are a little pricy. LAS concealment's holsters look almost identical, but are cheaper. I have never used one.
  9. I have and carry the Gen 4 G29 in a Foxx holster. I went into their showroom, close to the house, they showed me several options.

    I ended up with a hybrid, what's call Lil Foxx. Ends up I picked the model for the G20. It was the right choice because I carry my G17, 19, 27 and 29. They all fit and with the right belt it was a great buy. I paid $39.00 for it.