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PTR 91 308 Rifle w/scope

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Rifle is very in very good condition with only about 80 rounds through it.Scope is a mueller 3x10x44 luminated red dot that was new when mounted.Mount is a org stanag claw mount that was bought used.Comes with books,plastic hard case(which with scope doesnt fit anymore) and about 10 surplus mags.
1350.00 ftf or 1100.00 for gun only less scope and mount
Will ship at your cost to your ffl-will only ship to states where this is legal to own.

Standard Rifle with black furniture, original H&K pre-ban flash hider and Navy type polymer trigger group, 308 cal with 18" barrel.

General Information:
Caliber: 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester)

Operation: semi-automatic, recoil operated weapon, with delayed roller-locking system.

Overall length: 40 inches (1.016 cm)

Weight w/o magazine: 9.17 lbs. (4.16 kg)

Sight radius: 22.52 inches.

List of improved parts and descriptions:

Semi-automatic receiver (US): manufactured from .059 stamped steel, and to correct specifications, making for effortless assembly and disassembly. The recesses for the engaging of the original scope claw mount have been CNC machined with the proper angles in order to have flawless claw mount operation.

Front sight blade (US): made of laser cut and heat treaded steel to exact specifications.

Barrel (US): 18-inch heavy target barrel with a 1 in 12 inch twist.

Trunion (US): fully machined and manufactured to original specifications.

Cocking tube: new, with excellent fitting and perfect functioning.

Furniture (US): high quality polymer and interchangeable with HK-91 and G-3, consisting of US MADE Navy style pistol grip housing, handguard and butt stock.

Finish (US): first parkerized and then coated with a matt black scratch resistant finish, for a long lasting "new from the box" look.

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Corrected profile-Michigan for ftf willing to ship
Price drop to 1350.00 or 1100.00 less scope and mount
Trades by chance?
Open to trade offers. Not interested in ak's or sks's but willing to entertain other offers
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